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06.18. 15


     Millennials. Can't live with them, really can't live without them. They’re the hot topic right now, but people and designers seem to await they day when Millennials aren't relevant to the conversation anymore. Truth is, Millennials are here to stay.


     My thesis research focuses on this generation, looking at how they're impacting design and alternatively how design is impacting them. The idea of catering design to a specific generation may seem to be a tad excessive, but in reality, the 80 million+ of these twenty somethings are only going to travel and consume as many experiences as they possibly can. Millennials are predicted to travel more this year than any other generation, which means more business for the hospitality sector.


     Millennials have expectations, and those expectations are impacting the design of these spaces. They crave unique design, culinary, and life experiences, and with Millennials physically attached to their iPhones, they’re bound to share any instagrammable experience. They expect constant connectivity, whether it’s a technological connection, or an emotional connection with a space. If they feel like they like an environment, they will share it with their friends and they will come back. Experiences don’t always have to be lavish and ritzy, just fun, unique, and exciting, offering a one of a kind experience that they can enjoy and remember forever. If you provide Millennials with something that they relate with and appreciate, they’re guaranteed to return.


     This generation is experience hungry; they crave interaction with new people, places, and things-- So, why not design these spaces to leave a lasting impression… Why not create memorable experiences? Isn’t that what we as designers are built to do? I think that design should focus more on creating these tailored experiences. Rather than complaining, we should embrace the populations that we’re designing for.  The world is changing, people are changing, and design is always changing. So, as people evolve, design evolves. Right now, Millennials are at the forefront of this change. So, give Millennials a chance to love something beautiful; give them reason to instagram a space they love – if you do, chances are they’ll be back.





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